Authentic V8 Chili Recipe: A Hearty, Protein-Rich Delight

Are you in the mood for a hearty and flavorful chili recipe? Look no further than this V8 Chili recipe! Made with kidney beans, ground beef, and the tangy kick of V8 juice, this chili is sure to satisfy your cravings.

But why choose this recipe over all the other chili recipes out there? The answer is simple: it’s the best chili recipe out there! The combination of chili powder, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder creates a deliciously complex flavor profile that will have your taste buds dancing. Plus, the addition of V8 juice adds a unique layer of depth to the dish that simply can’t be replicated.

If you’re tired of the same old tired chili recipes, it’s time to mix things up with this V8 Chili. Not only is it packed with flavor, but it’s also easy to make in a slow cooker or on the stove. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

V8 Chili
V8 Chili

Are you in search of the best chili recipe ever? Look no further because this V8 chili recipe is the perfect blend of meat, beans, veggies, and spices. This recipe is perfect for all of the chili lovers out there who want a flavorful and filling meal.

One of the reasons why you’ll love this recipe is that it’s incredibly easy to make. All you need is a slow cooker and a few ingredients that you might already have on hand. The beauty of using a slow cooker is that you can set it and forget it. You can simply toss everything in and let it cook all day long, so when you come home from work, dinner is ready to serve.

Another reason why you will love this recipe is its versatility. Not only can you use different meats like turkey or ground beef but also different types of beans such as kidney beans or chili beans. And if you don’t prefer tomato sauce or juice, then use vegetable juice instead.

The V8 juice used in this recipe gives the chili an added depth of flavor that elevates the dish to whole another level. Also, the combination of cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, and onion provides plenty of heat and spices that make for an unforgettable taste experience.

Lastly, this full pot recipe makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family or even freezing extra portions for later use. And what’s better than homemade chili beans that are always on hand?

In conclusion, with its simplicity in preparation, versatility in ingredients, depth in flavor due to V8 juice use along with different spices like cayenne pepper, chili powder and garlic powder; and flexibility in serving amounts, you’ll want to try this V8 Chili Recipe again and again!

Ingredient List

Sure, here are 11 unique photo captions for the V8 chili recipe:
Sure, here are 11 unique photo captions for the V8 chili recipe:

Here are all the ingredients you need to gather for this warm and hearty V8 Chili Recipe:

  • 2 lbs of lean ground beef
  • 1 small white onion, diced
  • 1 can (30 oz) of stewed tomatoes
  • 2 cans (15 ounce each) of kidney beans, drained
  • 1 can (15 ounce) of chili beans
  • 1 tablespoon of chili powder
  • 2 tsp of garlic powder
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • Cayenne pepper, to taste (optional)
  • 1 can (46 oz) of V8 or any other brand of vegetable juice
  • Shredded cheddar cheese, for serving (optional)

Make sure you have all ingredients at hand before starting the recipe. Substitutions are possible, but keep in mind that they may alter the final result.

The Recipe How-To

Now that we have all the ingredients set up, let’s dive in how to make the V8 chili recipe using a slow cooker. The first step is sautéing the meat and veggies on medium heat for about 5 minutes until the onion turns translucent. When it comes to meat, you can use traditional ground beef or even try turkey chili for a healthier option.

Adding Chili Powder and Other Ingredients

After browning the meat, it’s time to add the spices. Start by adding 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 2 tsp of garlic powder, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and salt to taste. Now add 1 can of drained kidney beans and 1 can of chili beans into your slow cooker.

Pour V8 Juice and Tomato Sauce

Once that is done, take out your V8 juice can of 30 oz and pour it over the mixture in the slow cooker pot as well as two cans of stewed tomatoes drained. I prefer using V8 juice instead of tomato juice, but you can use vegetable juice or tomato sauce as well.

Mixing the Chili in Slow Cooker

Mix all ingredients thoroughly to achieve a consistent texture. Now set the cooker to high mode and cook for four hours or low mode for six. This recipe makes a full pot of chili, perfect for sharing or freezing for later.

Taste Test and Adjustments

Before serving, give your dish a good stir and do a quick taste test by adding more seasoning if necessary. I like to sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top for an extra punch of flavor.

In conclusion, this V8 chili recipe is packed with much flavor and is incredibly easy to make. Try this recipe out at home and don’t forget to share your homemade chili on social media platforms such as Pinterest or Yummly. Enjoy your delicious meal!

Substitutions and Variations

When it comes to making chili, there are many ways to personalize the recipe to suit your tastes. So, if you want to switch things up, here are some possible substitutions and variations that you can try with this V8 Chili Recipe:

– Instead of using tomato juice or V8 juice, you can use vegetable juice or a combination of beef broth and tomato sauce for a more savory flavor.

– For those who want to make this recipe vegetarian or vegan-friendly, substitute the ground beef with soy crumbles.

– To add more heat, increase the amount of cayenne pepper or chili powder used. Alternatively, add in some diced jalapeños or serrano peppers for a more complex spicy flavor.

– Instead of using kidney beans, you can use black beans, pinto beans or even chickpeas for an exotic twist.

– Add in chopped bell peppers, corn or zucchini for extra nutrition and crunchy texture.

– Use turkey instead of ground beef for a leaner option.

– Experiment with different chili seasoning blends to create unique flavor profiles for your chili.

Remember that cooking is all about experimentation and finding the right balance between flavors. Try out these substitutions and variations to create your very own V8 Chili recipe masterpiece!

Serving and Pairing

 The ultimate comfort food: a warm and spicy bowl of V8 chili!
The ultimate comfort food: a warm and spicy bowl of V8 chili!

V8 Chili is a delicious and hearty meal that can be served in many ways. If you’re looking for a satisfying dinner on a cold night, serve a bowl of piping hot V8 Chili with some crusty bread or cornbread. Garnish it with some freshly grated cheddar cheese or a dollop of sour cream to enhance the richness of flavors.

For a casual gathering or game day party, serve V8 Chili in a slow cooker and let your guests help themselves. You can provide bowls and toppings such as green onions, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro, jalapenos or sliced avocado and let them customize their own bowls. Put out some tortilla chips for scooping and dipping.

V8 Chili also makes an amazing topping for baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. Top with chili and grated cheese for an amazing burst of flavor. You can even try making chili dogs with V8 Chili by serving it over hot dogs on buns with some mustard and diced onions on top.

Pair V8 Chili with your favorite beer or red wine if you want to take your meal to the next level. The bold flavors of the chili match perfectly with the full-bodied taste of Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.

Overall, this recipe makes enough chili for a full pot that’s perfect for sharing, freezing later, or meal prep for the week. Whether you’re serving it in bowls, as a dip, or as a topping, V8 Chili is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Get ready to spice things up with this flavorful V8 chili recipe.
Get ready to spice things up with this flavorful V8 chili recipe.

One of the best things about this V8 chili recipe is that it can be made ahead of time and stored for later use. The flavors of the chili will only get better with time, so feel free to make a big pot of it and store it in the fridge or freezer for meals throughout the week.

To make ahead, simply follow the recipe instructions but stop the cooking process before adding any toppings such as cheese or sour cream. Transfer the chili to an airtight container and let it cool down completely before storing it in the fridge for up to 3-4 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

When ready to reheat, simply take out the chili from the fridge or freezer and let it defrost overnight in the fridge if frozen. Heat it up on medium heat on a stovetop, stirring occasionally until heated through. You may need to add a bit more liquid such as additional V8 juice if your chili has thickened during storage.

If you’re reheating a large amount of chili (perhaps for serving at a party), using a slow cooker is another great option. Simply transfer the chili to a slow cooker and cook on low heat for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally until heated through.

Overall, this V8 chili recipe’s storing and reheating process is incredibly easy and convenient. It’s perfect for busy weeknights or for feeding a crowd without feeling overwhelmed. So go ahead and make some extra batches for sharing or freezing later!

Tips for Perfect Results

 This classic dish just got even better with the addition of V8 juice!
This classic dish just got even better with the addition of V8 juice!

Making a great chili sometimes can be a daunting task, but with just a few tips, you can ensure perfect results every time. Whether you are using ground beef, turkey or want to make it vegetarian by substituting meat for beans, these tips will help you create the best chili recipe ever.

Tip 1: Use Fresh Garlic

One of the key ingredients in any good chili recipe is garlic. Instead of using garlic powder or pre-crushed garlic from a jar, use fresh garlic for superior flavor. Simply dice or mince the garlic cloves and sauté them with the onions for added depth of flavor.

Tip 2: Toast Your Spices

For a fuller, richer flavor profile, toast your chili spices before adding them to your pot. Heat up a dry skillet over medium heat and add in your spices such as chili powder, cumin or cayenne pepper just until they become aromatic. This will bring out their flavors and aromas.

Tip 3: Use V8 Juice

For an extra boost of nutrients and flavor, use V8 juice instead of tomato juice in your chili recipe. The blend of vegetable juices adds a savory complexity while also upping your nutrient intake.

Tip 4: Drain Cans Thoroughly

If you’re using canned kidney beans or chili beans, drain them thoroughly before adding them to your pot. This helps prevent excess liquid from diluting the flavor and texture of your chili.

Tip 5: Simmer Low and Slow

Once you have all ingredients in the pot, let them simmer low and slow for at least an hour. This will allow all the flavors to meld together beautifully and create that signature taste only homemade chili provides.

By following these tips, you will surely end up with an amazing pot of chili that you can share with friends or freeze for later enjoyment.


As a culinary explorer, I understand that clarifying some ingredients or techniques in a recipe can be challenging. Therefore, to help ensure that you can make this V8 chili recipe with ease, I have compiled an FAQ section that addresses some of the most common questions about this recipe. Let’s dive in and get all the answers!

What is the secret to great chili?

When it comes to cooking, sometimes we overlook certain ingredients that could enhance the flavor of our dishes. For example, who would have thought that cocoa powder or chocolate can add a unique taste to chili? Alternatively, using beer as a substitute for water or stock can create a richer taste. Another surprising ingredient is coffee, which can add depth to sauces and marinades. Lastly, cinnamon is not only used for dessert but can also add aromatic warmth to savory dishes. Let’s explore these ingredients and how to utilize them in cooking.

Can you use V8 instead of tomato sauce?

When tomato juice is unavailable for your chili recipe, worry not. V8 juice can serve as an effective substitution, as it contains a blend of eight different vegetables including tomatoes.

Can you heat V8 juice like soup?

Let’s start by heating up a cup of V8 in the microwave until it reaches boiling point. Next, take some delicious mozzarella cheese and cut it into small cubes. Add them to the hot V8 and stir gently until they start to melt and create a luxurious mixture. It’s important to serve this dish right away as it will taste its best when hot and fresh out of the microwave.

If you’re feeling extra cheesy (and who doesn’t love a little extra cheese?) try grating an additional 2 ounces of mozzarella on top of the soup. This will create a mozzarella lake on top of the V8, which you can drag your spoon through to pick up some soup and a bit of cheese in every bite. It’s incredibly satisfying and makes for a truly indulgent meal.

Can I use vegetable juice instead of tomato juice in chili?

Absolutely! Incorporating vegetable juice into your chili can elevate its taste and nutritional value. While tomato juice is a popular choice, any vegetable juice can be utilized as a base in chili. To enhance the flavors, you can simmer the juice to condense it.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this V8 Chili Recipe is the perfect dish for any meal. Whether you’re having a cozy dinner at home or having a big party with friends and family, this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is incredibly easy to make, and with a variety of substitutions and variations available, it can be tailored to suit your individual taste preferences.

Using fresh, premium quality ingredients is the key to the best flavor possible. This V8 Chili Recipe makes a full pot of chili which makes it perfect for sharing or freezing later for homemade chili. Tomato juice or V8 vegetable juice should not be substituted with other products as it affects the taste of the final dish.

With its irresistible combination of spicy cayenne pepper, chili powder, and garlic combined with velvety smooth tomato-vegetable juice, beef or turkey chili, kidney beans among other ingredients, this recipe certainly offers much flavor and satisfaction.

So why not gather up your ingredients today and try making this amazing Chili V8 recipe? You’ll love it!

V8 Chili

V8 Chili Recipe

This is a real easy chili for picky eaters.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 3 hrs
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Calories 355.2 kcal


  • 1 lb hamburger
  • 1 (15 ounce) can chili beans
  • 1 (15 ounce) can kidney beans
  • 1 (46 ounce) jar spicy hot V8
  • 1 teaspoon garlic
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • cayenne pepper
  • shredded cheddar cheese (optional)


  • Brown hamburger and garlic.
  • Drain hamburger and add to crockpot.
  • While hamburger is browning, put can of chili beans, kidney beans, and V8 into crock pot.
  • Add chili powder.
  • Cook on high for 3 hours.
  • before serving, add cayenne.
  • Shredded cheddar for topping.

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Serving: 417gCalories: 355.2kcalCarbohydrates: 40.8gProtein: 27.3gFat: 9.8gSaturated Fat: 3.5gCholesterol: 50.7mgSodium: 881mgFiber: 9.7gSugar: 8.8g
Keyword < 4 Hours, Beans, Healthy, Low Cholesterol, Meat
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